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Real Unity Training Solutions FAQ’s

What is the actual training process and approach?2024-04-18T16:41:46+00:00

This leadership development training starts at the top and cascades to all levels within the organization, starting with a Real Unity Assessment to gauge your current state of unity. Over 2 half-day workshops with leadership, executives will learn the principles of Real Unity and ways to lead, engage and inspire their team to focus on mission, vision and values.

Following the training, supervisors and managers will learn the same principles of Real Unity Training. To complete the transformation throughout the organization, staff will be invited to a 2-hour Real Unity Training session. In the end, everyone throughout the organization is embracing Real Unity Principles. Let’s Do This! Together in Unity.

What is the essence of the training and the results we will gain?2024-04-18T16:41:10+00:00

A core value of Unity Training is treating people with respect regardless of which group they belong to. As we stated earlier, though, it also means that you are not celebrating one group of people’s special day at the exclusion of other groups’ special days. Unity Training is about making sure the workplace is a place where, when you are on the clock, you are focused on the mission of the organization, not on catering to or pandering to the social or cultural distinctions of a particular group.

Real Unity Training Solutions believes that the secret to building strong teams is respecting and harnessing individual talent. Our goal is to help leaders of corporations, businesses, nonprofits, religious institutions, and other organizations achieve their goals by providing viable alternatives to the divisive and counterproductive critical race and gender theories that have divided Americans and disrupted institutions. We respect everyone’s civil rights and equality under the law. We encourage Americans to rediscover and re-embrace our national motto: E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one). We encourage leaders and CEOs to have the courage and freedom to explore new and better ways of helping their organization become the best they can be while harnessing and developing the human capital entrusted to them as leaders who lead by example and not by fear and intimidation.

Unity Training involves common sense, understanding the Constitution and the law; respecting and being tactful with one another; working as teams and celebrating the victories, big and small; encouraging one another; and being an active listener and observer, all at the same time all the time.

Will leaders be trained on how to instill equal rights under the law?2024-04-18T16:40:08+00:00

It is critical for leaders and supervisors to know the civil rights laws of the land so that executives and supervisors are informed, and lawsuits avoided. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s June 2023 decision to remove race as a factor in college admissions, workplaces are already feeling the effects even though they were not addressed in the Court case. Companies must work more diligently in preparing executives and supervisors by informing them about civil rights laws. Such knowledge is not only power, but can also be a source of unity, bringing people together.

What are the Real Unity Training Solutions’ core values?2024-04-18T16:39:02+00:00

Our Real Unity Training Solutions Core Values and Principles are (in no particular order):

  • We want institutions to succeed.
  • We believe unity is positive and productive.
  • We believe the citizens of our nation share more similarities than differences.
  • We respect the differences of others.
  • We care about justice and fairness.
  • We believe that customer service should be a top priority.
  • We believe in traditional “success principles” of hard work, integrity, and accountability.
  • We have no hidden agendas.
  • We are truthful with our clients and our team.
  • We believe in transparency and honest dialogue.
  • We are financially responsible.
  • We accept personal responsibility for our results.*
We rolled out DEI and it backfired. Will this help us bring employees back together and mend employee relations?2024-04-18T16:34:18+00:00

In some cases, there are no problems until the DEI officers or trainers arrive with their push for mandatory indoctrination. In some cases, there might not be any DEI-related issues at the company or organization, and if it is not broken, there is nothing to be fixed. Like the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” (You’ll only make things worse.)

Is Real Unity Training Solutions customized to my business or institution?2024-04-18T16:33:28+00:00

Yes, every organization and institution was founded differently. We offer customized training based on the needs of a particular company as defined by its CEOs and owners who have in mind a particular vision of where the companies need to go and what is bogging them down.

Real Unity Training Solutions replaces and certainly improves on the one-size-fits-all models, such as DEI types of training. The Real Unity Training approach is one that is customized for the organization; that begins with the vision of the owner and founder which ties into the company’s reason for existence.

How is Real Unity Training Solutions different from DEI training?2024-04-18T16:32:21+00:00

Our training is designed to help leaders return to the basics of running an organization. Our goal is to equip these leaders with information on how they can achieve diversity without reaping divisiveness; how they can attain equal opportunity without the false promise of equity’s equal outcomes; and how they can accomplish integration of individuals without the group demands of an inclusion model that encourages affinity groups (where identity groups self-segregate to gripe about their workplaces or learning environments).

We respect the autonomy of the individual and believe that talent is distributed without regard to race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation. What matters is the skill, attitudes, and dedication of individuals to the mission and purpose of the organization. This is part of getting back to the basics.

What is Real Unity Training Solutions?2024-04-18T16:34:39+00:00

Real Unity Training is a transformative model for uniting and reigniting workforces. It’s a positive and inspiring solution to getting workplaces back on track and refocused on a shared mission, vision and values.

Real Unity Training Solutions focuses on equipping CEOs and leaders with information and tools to create organizations that thrive and succeed. It is the role of the leader or CEO to set the tone for the organization.


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