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Dr. Carol M. Swain

Founder & President

Swain is a former tenured professor of Political Science and Law. She has taught at Vanderbilt and Princeton Universities. She is a speaker, radio and podcast host, and author of books and articles relevant to understanding our culture. Watch Video →

The Golden Rule

“Treat others the way you want them to treat you.”

Real Unity Training Solutions Advisors/Team

Chad O. Jackson
Chad O. Jackson
Chad is a Dallas-based entrepreneur and researcher who starred in the hit 2020 film, Uncle Tom and the subsequent 2022 film, Uncle Tom II. Chad is a frequent contributor to podcasts, radio shows, news programs and to the Uncle Tom YouTube Channel, making the case for moral Christian ethics, family values, independence and intentional citizenship.
Christopher Schorr, PhD
Christopher Schorr, PhD
Schorr works as a research analyst supporting the Defense Health Agency. Chris is also a best-selling author, social scientist, instructor, and Marine Corps veteran. His research addresses race and identity in American politics.